Jobs recently completed

(Home installation of lanes is one of our specialties. Affordable and entertaining. Inquire here.)


Replace TouchScore with BESx

Kankakee, IL




Prosperity Lanes, Grass Valley, CA

Upgrade 18 lanes 12 Strike hardware




A first for me- Replace Purrfect Desk after 10 years ( I had originally installed)

Upgrade and training on Conqueror Universal for XL scoring

Eastern Shore Lanes, Pokomoke City, MD




Northern Aire Lanes, Fergus Falls, MN

20 lanes BESX and new furniture - new WiFi Credit Card processing




Replace Brunswick Vector scoring with QAMF BESX on both A-2s and 82-90 XLIs.

Vincennes University, Indiana




Vance AFB - install new BESX and Centerpunch pin deck lighting interface



Update from AS-90 to Frameworks with VPS cameras and 40" flat screens

Hindel Lanes, Indianapolis




Air Force Base upgrades and Max Training - ConquerorPro for various scoring systems


Patrick AFB, FL

MacDill AFB, FL

Hurlburt Field, FL

Tyndall AFB, FL

Cannon AFB, NM

Kirtland AFB, NM

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Charleston NWS, SC

Charleston AFB, SC

Dover AFB, DE

& Fairchild AFB (below)



Upgrade 12 Strike hardware

Floyd Bowling Center and Entertainment

Classic Lanes

48 lanes - Rome, Georgia



Herings Fish Bowl, Lake Mills, WI

Replace AS90 with Steltronic WINS with Pin Cams



Fairchild AFB, Spokane WA

Update and train Conqueror Pro and Back Office on BowlandX





Replace lanes at White House, Executive Office Building

Wood to QAMF Mad Lanes - Washington, DC






Interface Steltronic scoring with Xima pinspotters

Hato Grande Country Club, Bogota, Columbia



Replace Accuscore II with Steltronic WINS

Rosebowl Lanes, Wheeling, WV



Replace AS90 with BESX Ultimate

32 lanes - Classic Lanes, Bloomington, IN - Also MMS



Replace Brunswick Classic with 12 Strike

Tropical Ten Pins, St. Croix, USVI



Replace AS-80 with Steltronic

California Lanes, Missouri



Replace AS-90 with BESx - Single Supertouch, 3 full terminals

Linn Lanes, Canton, IL










Replace Frameworks with BESx

Imperial, MO



Replace AMF MagicScore with 12 Strike

Plaza Lanes, Logan, WV




Change AMF XL to BESx with EasyKey keyboard

Fairbanks, Alaska



Replace Magic Score with Steltronics Vision/Focus

Lacon Lanes, IL




Replace Options fiberglass hoods with HDPE retrofit kits

Columbus Bowling Center, IN


Replace AS-90 with XIIX

Beecher, IL



Replace Brunswick Vector with QAMF BESx - US Navy installation


10 Lanes - Remove Easy Score, install Qscore

Southgate Lanes, Bluffton, OH



14 Lane update - BESx, MMS &, TCS

Kings Bay Naval Sub Base, Kingsland, GA



42" LED monitor update

Milan Lanes, Milan IL




Self install of Ted's Truss with Evoluiton Scoring conversion, Qubica Bowland

Troy Lanes, Troy, MI



Replace XIIX with BESx dual lower Super Touch

Mountain Grove, MO



Replace Desk/Server, Bar POS and office computer

Victory Lanes, Dwight, IL



Update Qubica VDBs to BESx - dual lower Supertouch and cusomers new 40" LEDs

Sandusky Star Lanes, OH


Update Frameworks/Command Network to Vector Plus

Merle Hay Lanes, Des Moines



Change BOSS overheads to Ted's Truss and 40" LED flat screens

Columbus Bowling Center, Columbus, IN



Install 16 lanes Steltronic Vision on A-2s, add NPS

Grizzly Bowl, El Dorado, KS



Install 10 lanes Steltronic onto XL machines - use existing monitors

Berryville, AR



Update 8 lanes XIIX hardware - add 38" LCD overheads

Susquehanna, PA



Update Steltronic scoring - add API to remove AMF camera and Iretro

Lauderdale Lanes, Florence, AL




Replace Advantage with Conqueror Pro - AMF XL scoring update

Stardust Bowl II, Merrilville, IN



Replace SS chassis and rewire 70s, Install BESx with Softkey terminals, replace foul units

Best's Bowl, Monticello, IN



Update Conqueror and POS stations

Winchester Lanes, Memphis



Replace CRTs and update ConquerorPro

Marcellus, NY




Install QAMF flat screen conversion for Accuscore +

Bowl - A - Roll, Rochester, NY




Upgrade all Conqueror CPUs to 64 bit Windows 7 machines

Front Desks, POS terminals and office

Mike Aulby's Arrowhead Bowl, Lafayette, IN




Replace Frameworks with BESx, dual Supertouch lowers and F-box NPS interface

Indiana Univervity, The Back Alley


Install 6 lanes Durabowl bumpers

Eagles Lodge, Brookville, IN




Removal of 16 lanes - Willow Lanes, Evansville IN



Update XP machines to Windows7 on QAMF BES system with 3QTs

Summit Lanes, Lees Summit, MO



Replace lower Qubica monitor console with QubicaAMF Fly

Memory Lanes, Moberly, MO


Replace BOSS Flex with Steltronic -Wins 6.1, Superelex and joystick console

Warrior Lanes, Waukee, IA



Replace older Conqueror system with Conqueror Pro Server, 3 front desks,

4 POS terminals, Back Office PC and 2 remote printers

Bowlero Lanes, Farmington, NM



Replace older DVR with 16 channel unit with online mamagement and smart phone viewing, add 8 cameras

Airport Plaze Bowl, Bethalto,Illinois



16 Channel DVR online management as well as smart phone viewing

NuBowl, Mt. Vernon, IL


Replace BOSS front desks with Conqueror Pro for BOSS

Student Union, Univ of Utah, SLC


Replace Advantage with Conqueror Pro - Also added Server, Office and 4 POS stations

Twin City Lanes, Barre, VT



Update XIIX scoring hardware, Fox Run, Waukesha, WI


16 channel DVR with remote control via Web and smart phone app - Classic Lanes, Bloomington, IN



Replace BOSS desk with Conqueror U, Indiana Tech, Ft Wayne, IN



Replace Command Network with PurrfectDesk, Elwood, IN




Update XIIX scoring, Drexel Hill, PA



GS-98 and A-2 training, Lane Maintenence Training

Bol Cariari and Boliche Dent, San Jose, Costa Rica



Replace XL/Advantage scoring with XIIX

Crestwood Bowl, Missouri




Touch Desk on AMF BOSS, with back office /BLS station

Cannonball Lanes, Wabash, IN



QAMF's LQi overhead conversion for AS Plus- 3 source (switchable) center TV option

Choptank Bowl, Cambridge, MD



8 Lane QAMF BES X install - Detroit Athletic Club

Lane monitors on back wall


16 channel DVR with SmartPhone app and remote control via web, Munsee Lanes, Muncie, IN



10 Lanes - replace Mendes scoring with QAMF BESX, lower Supertouch - Morenci, MI




30 Lanes monitor upgrade 39" LED on Ted's silver truss, Toledo Sports Center



24 lanes monitor upgrade to 42" LEDs - Ted's Truss, Park Center Lanes, Wyoming, MI



Conqueror Universal and network upgrade on Accuscore XL

Oregon State University





Purrfect Desk - With Lotto and Billiards Tables functions activated

Choptank Bowling Lanes, Cambridge, MD

Also, added 8 and 16 channel DVR video security monitoring with web and smart phone access.












Install 2 sixteen channel DVRs - remote and mobile app viewing. Secondary display monitor

Bowl A Roll, Rochester NY








32 lane Twelve Strike upgrade, Jonesboro, AR





Replace BOSS with BES, 3QTs, Six, Conqueror using customers 40" monitors

Boca Chica NAS, Key West FL




GSX wringout and training of install in Jayula, Puerto Rico and QubicaAMF BES scoring with 3QT, integrated with Pinball Wizard.



Trainer training for the XLi pinspotter, S Windsor, CT




Conqueror Pro update to BOSS, 3 desks, Server, Back Office, Network and CPU updates

Sam's Town Lanes, Las Vegas


Private residence, 2 Pro Lane, 82-90Xl, Steltronic scoring, Auto (air) bankshot bumpers



Foul Line Forward SPL lanes and pin decks, Beach Bowl, Jacksonville Beach, FL


Replacing lanes, capping and gutters Ken Bowl, Louisville - Install masking units and ball triggering once lanes are finished




Dixie Bowl, Louisville

QAMF SPL, Bumpers and Capping - Then the masks and add ball triggering










Replace Accuscore Plus with Switch 2 - Batt Bowl, Jacksonville, FL











Change masks to USBowling 10' Media Mask - SOAS, Indianapolis


2 Lane home install - Canfield OH

GSX, Computer Score, AnviLane, Bankshot



Accuvision LCD monitor upgrade - Cloverleaf Lanes, OH



30 Lanes Anvilane - Century Lanes, Holland, MI




16 Lanes ProLane and LightWorx

 The Bowling Alley - Warsaw, IN



Build GSX / GS98 / GS96 table test box

Adaptor cable for older machines - test solenoids individually

LEDs for all 10 pin holder switches as well as ST switch indication




Replace 30 lanes AMF kickbacks,

Fredericksburg, VA







8 Lane add-on, Batt Bowl, Jacksonville, FL

QAMF SPL and bumpers, 82-70s, Switch Scoring and Returns




Install QAMF monitor conversion - Joyland Bowl, Lexington KY



Install QAMF monitor conversion and Conqueror U ant Ken Bowl & Dixie Bowl Louisville



Install SuzoHapp monitor in Accuscore Plus cabinet - no converter

Also works with Qubica VDB outputs



40 Lanes New Center, System 300 Lanes, 89-90XL, Steltronic scoring w/shoevision

Brownsville, TX


12 Lanes replace AS-80 with AMF XL 2500s

Litchfield, IL



Recoat The Bowling Alley, Warsaw, IN - Glow finish


ProLane, Bankshot, Fworks masks and hood/tray, telefouls

Marion Fun Center, IN


12 Lanes Image Guardian - Litchfield, IL



Conqueror Universal on original AS80 with 1.0 MCU

Country Club Bowl - San Rafael, CA



36 Lanes QAMF Options returns

Dixie Bowl, Louisville




20 Lanes - change 30s to 90XL

Pittsburgh, PA




32 Lanes, replace Accuscore Plus with Switch2

Santa Clarita, CA


Remove 82-90s to relocate in Pittsburgh



ABC Bowl, Alamosa, CO

Switch2 scoring and hood/rack




Stub lane from ElDorado Casino into San Diego home


Sharpsville, PA

Replace 30's with 70's MP




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