Since 1971

    Since beginning as a resurfacer, sanding lanes in neighboring towns, we have grown to become a major service business in the industry. Out customer base has extended to countries around the world.

    While expanding we maintain our focus of providing the same quality service to those close customers who helped us grow. Below is a list of services we provide.

    Installation Audits - all equipment

    Equipment relocation and removals

    Purrfect Desk updates/POS add-ons/training

    Bumper Bowling Service

    Monitor updates to LCD/Plasma/LED

    Regional Ball Cleaner contracts

    Automatic scoring updates

    Modernization recommendations

    Spreadsheet proforma info.

    Simple demographic studies

    Capital equipment and installation recommendations

    Hardwood flooring repair

    FREE on-line advise and consultation

    Ball cleaner repair

    Foul light repair an upgrades

    Mfg. of time delay modules for A-2's

    Lane mapping with Kegel

    Equipment evaluations

    Technical support for pinsetters.  pinspotters
    and automatic scoring.

    AND MORE !!

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