Older job photos:


16 Lanes replace scoring, Kings - Boston

BOSS to Steltronic w/billiard light control



Lake St. Louis, MO

2 lanes Switch lanes, foundation, ball return and scoring, 82-70










Huntsville, AL

12 Lanes USBowling rebuilt 90's, Steltronic Scoring



Manahawkin, NJ

8 lane wood lane add on. A-2s, Accuscore +



















40 Lanes - remove flooded wood lanes, replace with ProLane, replace damaged kickbacks, add all lanes Bankshot and new capping

Terre Haute Bowling Center, IN





24 Lanes ProLane - Columbus, IN



8 Lanes A-2's (3phase), System300 lane, SAS (Original Steltronic) scoring

Akureyri, Iceland




Bloomington, IN Pro Lane, Bankshot, Masks and F'Works returns




Cove Lanes, Mass - Update scoring, Qubica to Steltronic



Jesters House, Warsaw, MO

IQ, USBowling Bumpers, A-2s, Steltronic



Convert 82-90 Fat Chassis (not XL) back to 82-70 electronics Zot Ultra Air -  Landmark, Milwaukee



Marshall, TX - Upgrade AS Plus to BOSS



8 Lane add-on Titusville, FL HPL, A-2s and Media Masks



Ft Eustis Purrfect Desk




32 Lanes USBowling Fast Lane overlay and bumpers - Norwich, CT


2 lanes in Illinois home - 82-70s, Glow IQ




Bay Minette, Alabama - 14 lanes GS, Steltronic






Dolton Bowl, IL - 36 auto bumpers, masks and scoring




                      Alton, IL - 8 lanes GS and Frameworks                                  




Ada, OK - 24 Lanes Xima and Steltronic



Omaha, NE - 2 lanes A-2's With glow IQ



Wadsworth, IL - 1 Lane 82-70, AMF Accuscore + & Qubica lane/bumpers


Fredericksburg, VA - 48 lanes 82-70s and Steltronic



Big Lake, MN (Fire in back) - 8 Lanes 82-70's





2 Lanes in NJ home - 82-90XL and HPL